World Rabies Day Program Nepal

A meeting organised in Kathmandu on 16th Sept 2014 under the chairmanship of Dr. VC Jha, Programme Director, Directorate of Animal Health Nepal, made various decisions (details below) related to the celebration of the World Rabies day 2014.The slogan for this year is “Together Against Rabies”.

  1. Celebrate Rabies Week starting from 22 Sept through 28th Sept 2014 involving stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in prevention of rabies in Nepal.
  2. Use the logo below on envelopes of all official letters released from the related stakeholders during the Rabies Week. Veterinary Public Health Office will coordinate with the Department of Postal Services for permission to use such logo on envelops during the Rabies Week. Rabies Week (September 22-28, 2014), Nepal “Together Against Rabies”.
  3. Prepare a banner with the logo above (refer decision 2) and place it above the main entrance of their offices/institutions by all related stakeholders.
  4. Prepare, publish and/or broadcast extension materials related to rabies including interviews of experts in during the Rabies Week. Veterinary Public Health Office will request the Department of Livestock Services to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications through its line ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, to make the required arrangements.
  5. Organise a rally and an interaction program on prevention of rabies on the final day of the Rabies Week in Kathmandu. Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) will distribute t-shirts with the logo (refer decision 2) to the rally participants.
  6. Veterinary Public Health Office (VPHO) will print stickers of the logo (refer decision 2) for use on vehicles of all organisations involved in the celebration. VPHO will also coordinate with stakeholders to use these stickers on public/private vehicles coming in and going out from Kathmandu valley from three major routes to the capital.
  7. District Livestock Services Offices will celebrate the Rabies Day as per their annual programs. VPHO will provide extension materials, pamphlets and posters to DLSOs for the celebration. DLSOs will coordinate with Nepal Veterinary Students Association, Nepal Animal Science Association and Para Veterinary and Livestock Association as necessary.
  8. VPHO will coordinate with veterinary pharmacies and hospitals and provide them extension materials to celebrate the Rabies Week 2014.
  9. Organise Rabies Vaccination Camps by DLSOs in respective districts.
  10. Organise Rabies Awareness School Education Program in different districts with technical assistance from Nepal Veterinary Association, Nepal Students’ Association, Nepal Para-veterinary and Livestock Association, Epidemiology and Disease Control Division and Veterinary Public Health Office (VPHO).
  11. Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT) will organise rabies awareness and vaccination campaigns through three different stalls in Kathmandu in coordination with VPHO.
  12. Himalayan College of Agricultural Science and Technology (HICAST) will organise rabies awareness campaigns and free rabies vaccination programs. The required vaccines will be provided to HICAST by Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) after recommendation by VPHO.
  13. National Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre (NZFHRC) will organize free rabies vaccination camps in wards 13, 15, 19 and 20 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The required vaccines will be provided to NZFHRC by Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) after recommendation by VPHO.
  14. Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) will provide free rabies vaccine to any not-for-profit organisations interested in organising free rabies vaccine camps during the Rabies Week.
  15. Private veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and kennel clubs will provide rabies vaccines to clients at a discounted rate during the Rabies Week.
  16. Any organisations interested in joining the Rabies Week celebration should inform VPHO by 19th Sept and work in coordination with VPHO.