Afghanistan CIP Results Dissemination Seminar

The Afghanistan CIP Results Dissemination Workshop was held on 5 March 2014 at Esteqlal Hotel, Herat. This one-day workshop was jointly organised by Herat Dutch Committee for Afghanistan, Provincial Public Health Office (DEWS) and the Herat Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to inform local stakeholders about the results of the Collaborative investigation Project (CIP) on brucellosis and Q fever, in order that they may take necessary actions.

This was the first government-supported scientific seminar of such a huge scale to be held in Herat province, in which research study results were presented to different stakeholders. The 101 participants were from Herat Local authorities/Governments, NGOs, universities, institutions, animal and human health professionals from provincial and district level, and village elders. Objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Inform local authorities and related stakeholders on One Health concept.
  • Familiarize health care workers/professionals on Q fever and Brucellosis both from human and animal health prospective.
  • Share CIP results with related provincial stakeholders.
  • Propose actions that will contribute to sustainability of the One Health approach to tackle emerging and remerging zoonotic disease control and strengthening the effectiveness of cross-sectoral collaboration in Afghanistan.

Reflecting on the success of this very positive workshop the CIP Principal Investigator in Herat said, “based on the participants’ feedbacks it was amazing in terms of the topics, relevance and the importance of the studied diseases and the scheme of multidisciplinary approach that was used in this workshop”.